Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 2014 Comics of CelenaDiana

20April2014, 241pm

18April2014, 144am

16April2014, 1137pm
A creative and artistic friend is planning an tour of the murals in East LA.  This was my response:

"That sounds like a lot of fun and great inspiration.  I would like to go on an ekphrastic tour of the murals.  You totally rock RocĂ­o!!!  Great idea!!!"

16April2014, 1013pm
A modern day love affair between a spellcaster...errr Sports Caster and a publisher.  Keeping each other company through the night while discussing our current projects.

16April2014, 953pm
Spending quality time with Steven late into the night laughing, joking and working on our current projects.
Steven is researching for his radio show. www.diehardsportsradio.comGreat news in sports.

I am brainstorming lesson plans and homework for my students and researching information for my upcoming 4 workshops.

My poem listing for the April 2014 Poem A Day Challenge with PoetrIE can be found on my author site

Updates on my Dreams Within The Ocean Literary Venue in Corona, California can be found at

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Winter 2013/ Spring 2014 Updates on CelenaDiana

17Mar2014, 125am

Catching up on the strange misadventures of CelenaDiana:

1.  Allergic reaction to Silicone Dioxide (preservative) in coffee.
2.  Upper Respiratory Tract Infection/Sinus Infection
3.  Severely sprained left ankle and left wrist.

I think I can safely say that I have sufficiently covered most of the perils of Pauline.  Including the train station sequence.

I really appreciate all of the kind, caring, and loving support of my family, friends, colleagues and students.  I have been so truly humbled by the positive and loving energy flowing my way.

I have been quite blessed to have the love and support of my spellcaster as I am going through these really wacky unfortunate events.  Which by the way, I have met some really caring and amazing strangers as a result.

So, as feverish, swollen, strained, sprained and hoarse as I have been, you know...shhhh don't tell anyone but I have also been stupendously happy.  Its quite amazing how God sees fit to bring you the one person to complete your life when you least expect it.  I have been so very blessed.  Again I am truly humbled by the realization.

Thank you to all of my family, friends, colleagues, students, fans and caring strangers.  Your caring energy and prayers mean the world to me.  And I cherish the fact that you keep me in your thoughts.

27Mar2014, 352pm

Hard at work designing the 2 workbooks for the 3 workshops I will be teaching in May2014.  Nothing like being at a Starbucks to give you the best of both worlds:  Great coffee, a working environment, and a spectacular view of the day without the wind blowing around your papers.

Besides, I love going to cafes where the baristas remember your order because you are a valued regular.

23Mar2014, 1256pm
Hard at work, brainstorming for my upcoming workshops in May2014 with my team at Islands For Writers Publishing.

22Mar2014, 1103am
Lisa Henry, of Salt + Spice Productions, and I have added an additional event to our collaboration with  Islands For Writers Publishing Joint Venture. We have the additional date and location set.

21Mar2014, 1pm
I have a name for the two (2) events and I am getting started outlining and organizing them.  We have 2 dates set and a location.

21Mar2014, 1054am
Great planning meeting with Lisa yesterday.  Salt + Spice Productions will be collaborating with Islands For Writers Publishing Joint Venture on an upcoming project.  I am very excited about the project and have already scheduled dates for my featured events.  I am looking forward to the shared event with Lisa, as she is an excellent event coordinator and her featured events are always well organized, dynamic, educational, motivational and informational.  It is really a pleasure to be invited to work on a project that combines both of our skills.  So for the next couple of months, just call Lisa and I the "Dynamic Duo".

21Mar2014, 1030am
Yesterday, while I was teaching my Creative Writing Classes, I had to laugh with my students.  Conversely, it seems like I do my best teaching when I have had very little sleep. They asked me why.

I speculated that it is a left over from my years of social work and from having to go from sound sleep to not only full wakefulness but instantaneous decision-making when being on-call as a social worker, counselor, coordinator, and director through the years in critical and emergency situations.  You get used to fast, succinct synthesis of information, analysis and directing action when you work in mental health, probation/law enforcement and dual diagnosis.  It just becomes second nature.  It is interesting to note that many of my students, despite having been retired for many years, still possess the same or similar skills because of their previous professions.  It is one thing we not only share in common but we laugh and tease one another about as well.

20Mar2014, 830am
On Tuesdays, I teach four (4) classes at a local senior center, Janet Goeske Senior Center, in Riverside, Ca, which include the following:
Current Events
Cancer Support For Seniors
Poetry Writing
Fiction/NonFiction Writing

On Thursdays, I teach three (3) independent community classes in Riverside, Ca:
Poetry Writing
Fiction Writing
NonFiction Writing

On the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month, I host a featured literary venue entitled, Dreams Within The Ocean Literary Venue, located at Shades of Afrika (art and bookstore) at 114 E. 6th St, Corona, Ca.

I am a member of the following writing groups and organizations:
Renaissance Writers of Riverside (Ca)
Inland Empire Poets Group (Riverside, Ca)
Inlandia Institute Workshops (Riverside, Ca)
PoetrIE (Redlands, Ca)
Mevoj Writing Group (Riverside, Ca) (founding member)
Lake River Moon Literary Mentoring Project (Riverside, Ca) (founding member)
Tuesday Writers (Riverside, Ca) (founding member)
Thursday Writers (Riverside, Ca) (founding member)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Celena Diana Bumpus Published Works Through 2013

IThe following is a listing of my published works through 2013.

"Ever Living" 
Verse Chorus:  A Call and Response Anthology. Edited by Nikia Chaney. Jamii Publishing, 2014.  ISBN 978-0991297504

"Street Literature:  A Contextualization, Historiography and Personal Narrative".  
StreeLit: Representing the Urban Landscape.  Edited by Keenan Norris, Scarecrow Press (A subsidiary of The Rowan & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc), 2013.  ISBN  978-0-8108-9262-0

"Silken Prison". 
Invisible Memoirs, Memoir Journal, 2013. ISBN 978-0-9881868-1-1.

"New Years Eve 2012: El Barrio, Riverside, Ca", 
"71%: Riverside County, Ca", 
"What I Leave Behind: Riverside, Ca", 
"Act 4 (a poem in 7 scenes):  Love in the Inland Empire, Ca", 
and "For Many Years:  Seattle, Wa to Riverside, Ca".  
2013 Writings For Inlandia Workshops, Heyday Books, 2013.  ISBN 9780983957539.

"Invaders Have Left Us In Darkness: Riverside, Ca" 
and "She Had A Thing For Dolphins". 
2012 Writings From Inlandia Workshops, Heyday Books, 2012. ISBN 978-093957522

"With Stars As Guiding Lights", 
title poem of Predators Anthology, Palm Tree Productions, Ca 1998.
Riverside City College Muse, Riverside, Ca 2000 & 2001.

Confessions, Laguna Poets Series #118, The Inevitable Press, Laguna Beach, Ca 1998.  ISBN 978-1891281303

Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 2014 Comics of CelenaDiana

28Mar2014, 1004pm

28Mar2014, 310pm

26Mar2014, 108pm

25Mar2014, 830am

23Mar2014, 1256pm

24Mar2014, 1233pm

23Mar2014, 1257pm

Planning my upcoming workshop on social media and marketing. Islands For Writers Publishing Joint Venture

22Mar2014, 11am
Lisa Henry, Salt + Spice Productions, just asked me to instruct an additional event in Spring. Islands For Writers Publishing Joint Venture

22Mar2014, 1226am
I am really exhausted.  It has been a very busy but very productive day.  I am glad to get many things completed.

As the temperature drops and the weather feels more bracing, I am going to curl up under my wool blanket, turn on my Gregorian Chant music, and relax.  Sip green tea.  Think about my day.  Maybe read a little bit of my eBook before I go to sleep.

Night night world.

21Mar2014, 10pm
I share with Ginger some new writing prompts I used with my students.  She came up with some awesome poems from the prompts.

Ginger and I discussed crochet and knit patterns for Spring and Summer sweaters we will be designing and making.

Ginger and I catch up on writing projects, events scheduled and career goals.

21Mar2014, 516pm
It's definitely time to relax, breathe and rest my eyes from working for a little bit.

I have a title for the workshop and I am working on the outline for the events with members of Islands For Writers Publishing Joint Venture

Great planning meeting with Lisa Henry, Salt + Spice Productions, on a collaborative project with Islands For Writers Publishing Joint Venture scheduling 2 events.  Dates have been scheduled and location has been set.

Thursday Creative Writing Classes, teaching my students.

20Mar2014, 5:50am
A strange thing happened after I fell asleep for a couple of hours, I woke completely up out of nowhere.  And now, as I am laying here hovering on the edge of "really" awake at 242am, I am thinking of all of the things I can get done in this blessed early morning silence of alone time.

But instead of whip out manuscripts to read, work on dazzling book design, get some lesson plans written a couple of weeks in advance, or hard edit some of my poetry and search for open submissions online...

I am going to get some iced green tea.  Turn on "Enya" and flip my tablet to my latest post-apocalyptic zombie eBook, turn off the light read the book in size 36 font (with a black background) to save the strain on my eyes and hopefully try to relax enough to get some more sleep before I face the world today.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Movies 2014

One of my greatest guilty pleasures is to go to the movies.  Mom and I go to the movies nearly religiously and watch all varieties of films.  My favorite movie theatre.  Regency Theatres 8 in Moreno Valley, Ca.  One of the best kept secrets in cheap movies.  $2 before 6pm and $3 after 6pm.

After the movies mom and I love to discuss the details of the plot, the music score, the cinematography.  We always have such fun.


300 Rise of An Empire

The Monuments Men

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug

The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire

Jack Ryan:  Shadow Recruit

Thor:  The Dark World

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Legend of Hercules

The Delivery Man

47 Ronin

Grudge Match

The Best Man Holiday

Machete Kills


Lee Daniel's The Butler

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 2014 Comics of CelenaDiana

12Feb2014,  907pm
I am always immensely impressed by how much I learn while I am teaching my classes to my senior citizens.  My students are amazingly very knowledgeable but constant seek more knowledge to share with their family, friends and other students.  I always leave feeling a strong sense of accomplishment.

07Feb2014,   602pm

07Feb2014,  601pm

01Feb2014,  442am
After soup is some much needed rest.

01Feb2014.  3:49am
Early mornings are awesome for keeping up with productivity.  The silence is wondrously helping me to focus on completing some of my deadlines.

Just finished book designing Tie a Woven Bracelet:  Dreams Within the Ocean Literary Series #4 by Reanna Marchman.  Its ready for print.  The book launch is 02Feb2014, Sunday, 6-9pm at the Dreams Within The Ocean Literary Venue at Shades of Afrika, 114 E. 6th St, Corona, Ca.  I am the host of the venue.

I still have:
     another book to edit and layout this weekend
     correspondence to answer
     student homework and manuscripts to review
     my "white rabbit" poetry project to outline
     lesson plans to write for my 4 creative writing classes
     Dreams Within The Ocean Literary Series #5 through #10 to start editing, laying out and 

Monday, December 16, 2013

16Dec2013 Visit With Juan Jimenez' Creative Writing Class

I had a wonderful day talking with the members Juan Jiminez's Creative Writing High School Class.  He is blessed to have such imaginative and enthusiastic young writers that are interested in various genres.  They drilled me with great questions about my education, how I got into publishing and how long I have been writing.  Especially nice was the one question as to how did I fall in love with writing.  That was a delightful question.

I read several poems to them featuring my love of superheroes, fantasy/horror, imagining difficult feats, and a retelling of a fairytale in poetic form.  They even gave a great critique and feedback on one of my poems that is just a tad too long.

Listening to their poetry was really intriguing.  They shared a nice variety of writing that included poetry, microfiction, and short memoir.  

Juan's students really respected his teaching and caring nature, as well as his true love and enthusiasm about literature and learning.

I had a spectacular day with a delightful group of talented young adults.  I spent the rest of the evening bragging about Juan Jimenez' brilliant students.